Melanie Jane Studio on Etsy!

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You guysssss, I finally made good on a goal I’ve had for at least two years now. Yesterday, on the official day that women start working for free, I launched Melanie Jane Studio on Etsy. Every year around my birthday, I get this burst of energy and motivation to finally make progress on my goals, and this year has been the best yet. I’m starting to realize why everyone says your 30s are the best.

I haven’t made a sale (yet!), but pressing publish on my first eight listings has been nothing short of invigorating. These last few months of cranking out lettering and designs is starting to come to fruition, and that old adage about creativity begetting more creativity is proving true. I’d really appreciate if you could go by and take a look. I’m open to any tips or feedback!

New Skillshare Class: Design Your Own Spring Wedding Invitations

My second Skillshare class delves right into my newest love: designing wedding invitations and drawing florals in Illustrator. If you’re interested in making your own wedding invitation (or a friend’s!), or you just want to brush up on your illustration skills, this is the class for you. I’d love to hear what you think!

PS—You can definitely make this one more of a fall/winter/summer wedding by just changing up the color palette. Continue reading → New Skillshare Class: Design Your Own Spring Wedding Invitations