Design Goals: An Update

I celebrated my 31st birthday almost six months ago, so I figure it’s time to get in writing some of my goals for the year.

  • Create a portfolio I’m happy with.  This is a hard goal to meet considering no artist ever has been happy with their portfolio. What I should have said—and what I’ve accomplished!—is to create a portfolio at all. I’ve updated this website a few times, so the work I’ve been creating finally has a home on the internet (other than Instagram), but I also created a PDF portfolio. It’s a cruel joke that in the time it took me to create a portfolio, I was creating newer (and mostly better) work. But I’m so excited to mark this one as done (and forever in progress).
  • Be happy with where you are and excited about where you’re going. Yes! I’ve really loosened up and just enjoyed creating bad work and sharing it. Looking back on lettering I was creating a couple years ago always helps me appreciate what I’m creating now even more, especially when I’m feeling stuck or inadequate.
  • Open that Etsy shop! I did this almost two years ago, and I haven’t looked back! I’ve always loved making things for other people, so this has been one of the most rewarding outlets. I genuinely love packaging up orders, writing thank you notes, designing packaging elements, and delighting people who’ve purchased something from my shop. I have so many plans for the shop this year: expand my screenprinted apparel and accessory line, expand my greeting card line, buttons!, and a second Etsy shop for wedding products.
  • Learn & grow. This is a lifelong goal, and I’ve been loving Skillshare for helping me continue to pursue it. To expand on this for 2019, I plan to keep creating new classes and sharing my knowledge as well.

Now that we’re well into February, what are some goals you’re working toward this year?